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Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Making-of Lt. Tudor Greceanu caricature.

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When I was very young , 7-8 years , I saw a picture which at the time , I was impressed . It was a doctor who defends a patient of a skeleton , the personification of death. The owner of the painting, a doctor, did not know the name of the author of that work . After 40 years , I am reminded of this work I had vague memory. I tried to draw from memory. It came out this drawing , which I posted on my blog . A friend I was finally cleared . After 40 years I found out who was the artist who made this beautiful engraving . He was a German artist wars , Ivo Saliger , which was mostly specialized in nudes . The resemblance between the original and my work is 20-30 % but it's interesting to see what we remember about engraving after 40 years.

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for second day ,I chose three little old works for the competition 3 for 5, . I invited a very talented cartoonist and also a good friend, Bighei Adrian All the best !

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